Régis de Joussineau

The commitment of an insurance professional by your side

« As the Managing Director of Arcance, I give you the advantage of a 26 years’ experience within insurance companies and brokerage offices specialized in business. After being an Insurance Assessor of Industrial Risks for several years, I was more particularly the Rhône-Alpes Regional Manager for Verspieren, the 5th insurance broker in France. I have a Strategic Management Qualification ICG/IFG and I offer you a global understanding of insurance issues, with a systemic approach in line with your company and its development strategy. »

An intervention in close relationship

« I personally initiate Arcance’s intervention by your side: I meet you, I visit your firm, I immerse myself in its economic context and its insurance situation. I work out an efficient insurance policy, in coordination with you. I lead the monitoring of your risk assessment and your claims through a regular reporting from your dedicated Arcance advisors. And I visit your company on an annual basis to find out about the evolution of your activity and the ensuing risks. This way, we can optimize your coverage, in a relationship based on trust, expertise and continued existence. »