Cyber Risks

The use of information networks technologies is now indispensable for businesses. Consequently, they have to rely on their computer systems.

These technologies involve specific risk factors that are not taken into account in conventional insurance contracts.

Cyber risks are of two kinds :

  • Loss of turnover risks :

    they must be assessed by a technical expertise

  • Risks that might engage the liability of the company : they must be assessed by a legal expertise.

Expensive damages :

Financial loss

Direct :

  • Necessary conduction of a security audit (prevention)
  • Repair of damage caused by the attack (hardware architecture)
  • Productivity slowdown (loss of information)
  • Potential blocking of the machines and the servers

Indirect :

  • Significant compensation to victims of hacking
  • Theft or fraudulent use of strategic informations (e.g. : customer database)

Loss of image

due to negative publicity related to inadequate security :

  • Loss of confidence by customers and partners
  • Deterioration of the image of the company
  • Potential identity theft (company and persons)
  • Need to communicate to restore your image

Our approach

A comprehensive solution for a tailored handling of your insurance and cyber risks issues.
This threefold expertise enables you to analyze the risks relating to your IT security and your legal liability, to minimize them and to cover the financial consequences in the event of damage.