Professional liability

What can be the consequences of your professional liability ?

The general principle of liability is stipulated and described in the Civil Code (art 1382). It entails the obligation to compensate for any third party damage caused within your business activity.

Your civil liability can be involved following an error, a professional misconduct, defects in a delivered service or product. The financial damage or bodily injuries caused to your clients are then assessed. The sums involved can be very important. It is therefore highly recommended to take out a civil/professional liability insurance, even if it is not mandatory in your activity.

Ideally, your professional liability policy should cover the following (articles 1382 to 1386 of the civil code) :

  • damage caused by you (consequences of an act),
  • damage caused by your negligence,
  • damage caused by your carelessness,
  • damage caused by your employees

In addition to the civil liability obligations related to your products and services, your insurance policy must take into account your regulatory obligations and the changes in the quality standards.

Those basic points evolve constantly. Is your insurance policy up to date on these matters ?

Arcance answer

A global and systematic approach of your professional liability context.

Being experts in the business world, we study with you your way of functioning, your main commitments and your contractual obligations.

Our intervention as a consultant broker by your side includes an expert analysis of the following points:

  • the signed commitments and their impact,
  • best effort undertakings or obligations of result,
  • contractual relationships,
  • civil liability in relation to your employees,
  • your responsibility regarding environment threat.