Damage and operating loss

dommage Are your premises, your production properties and your stocks properly insured ? Is their value assessed so as to get the best coverage/cost ratio for your insurance?

In case of an accident, will your compensation level allow you to equip your premises again so as to reach the same level of service and production ?

Have you insured the protection or the loss of your data, and that of your customers ?

Is your insured capital enough ? If not, in case of an accident, you will undergo a penalty proportional to the recorded error in the capital valuation, whether you own or you rent the properties.

A whole range of damage solutions

Arcance answer

When devising the insurance policy contract, we and our network of partners take into account the coherence of the insured capital. That’s how we can implement in the best way, totally or partially, the following coverage :

  • damage to industrial properties,
  • activities premises and offices,
  • tenant’s risks,
  • operating loss and additional operating costs
  • all risks and IT frauds
  • data reconstruction.