Coverage for managers

Are covered in case your decisions as a manager have negative consequences for your business and for you?

You and some employees have a strategic activity in the company. Did you take measures to ensure the continued existence of your business in case of disability or death of a key employee?

Do you and your employees have a professional coverage for business trips in your personal vehicles?

Blaming directors is no longer an exception, due to the economic and regulatory environment. Corporate officers are indeed liable for their mismanagement and must answer with their personal assets. Any third party can file a claim for mismanagement, whether it be shareholders, employees or the civil service…

Arcance answer

An extensive coverage for business owners

We can include in your insurance policy any or all of the following :

  • Directors and Officers liability,
  • Unemployment insurance for the corporate officer
  • The key employee coverage,
  • The mission contract,
  • Legal expenses insurance.

We also insure your holdings and your financial protection

You can take advantage of Arcance’s expertise to insure your real estate property, your valuables as well as your personal vehicles.

In connection with our partners, we also offer you a specific coverage for your financial protection (assets and Life).