Outsourcing service

Arcance, manager of your insurance program

In a more and more complex economic and regulatory context, the handling of your different insurances can be expensive and time consuming. It still remains essential for the future of your business. This is why Arcance offers an outsourcing service for the management of your risks and claims, so that you can dedicate yourself with complete peace of mind to your core business.

Rely on competent, involved and dedicated advisors.

By entrusting the management of your insurances to Arcance, you have the advantage of dedicated advisors. As experts in varied fields, they have an exhaustive knowledge of your economic and insurance context. Day after day, they take care of the follow up of your contract and they handle your risks and claims, with only one objective: serve your interests.

Take advantage of a strategic and pragmatic approach of your risks and claims

The Arcance team provides a global solution for the claim management. They take into account actual and potential accidents, the functioning of the contract, the strategies to be adopted in case of an accident or commercial litigation.

Your dedicated advisors provide a proactive support throughout the claims management. They set up an individual monitoring for the best claim handling. They regularly send you reports on the progress of the most complex technical cases.

Arcance also implements a preventive strategy in case of commercial and legal litigations. To do so, its advisors rely on the competence of a network of legal and technical experts.